Payroll Staffing Services

If you're a hiring manager, sometimes you know someone who could immediately add value to your group, whether it be a former employee or just an acquaintance in the industry. In such cases where a permanent position is not available or when it is not cost effective (such as a summer internship), use HireSource’s payroll processing service. Let us incur the overhead costs, such as state and federal taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, unemployment and other associated fees incurred when placing someone on payroll. You will not be bound to any contract, duration of time or any other fees other than the hourly rate for the individual.

●      FICA (Social Security & Medicare)

●      FUDA (Federal Unemployment Insurance)

●      SUTA (State Unemployment Insurance)

●      Workers Compensation Insurance

●      Liability Insurance

●      Payroll & Accounting Costs

●      Health, Dental, Vision Insurance

●      Life & Disability Insurance

●      401K Contributions

Further advantages of utilizing HireSource’s payroll option includes protection from:

●      Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

●      IRS-Employee Misclassifications

●      Additional "Bad Press” from Layoffs

HireSource has the experience and flexible staffing options to fit the diversity of
your company’s staffing needs.