Contract-to-Permanent Staffing Placement

HireSource has created a flexible staffing option that provides our clients with the opportunity to hire one of our consultants directly. We understand finding hard-working, highly technical people who fit into your company’s long-term business plans can sometimes be difficult. Because of this, HireSource is willing to release any one of our consultants after a six-month period of contingent contract employment. This allows both sides to ensure the opportunity is a long-term fit from both a technical and personal perspective.

MINIMIZE your risks by utilizing HireSource’s
Contract-to-permanent staffing scenario.

If you’re a client company looking for full-time professionals, consider utilizing HireSource’s contract-to-permanent staffing solution. This service will not only allow you the ability to review a contractor’s work performance before investing in his or her direct employment, but also provides you with a flexible way to augment your staff without investing in an immediate, full-time commitment. Most importantly, contract-to-permanent staffing can save you time and money. Why invest thousands of dollars before you know whether the professional is as technically strong as you need or whether he or she fits into your environment and long-term plans? Furthermore, laying off a full-time employee that does not meet your expectations can be very difficult. Not only do you have to thoroughly document your decision, but with most any release comes unemployment costs, the potential for bad press and even the risk of a wrongful termination lawsuit.

MAXIMIZE your financial and long-term career objectives by utilizing HireSource’s contract-to-permanent staffing scenario.

If you're a consultant looking to find a full-time position, our contract-to-permanent staffing solution helps you place one foot in the door. This provides the opportunity to prove yourself and work toward securing a long-term position. In addition, it also allows you to “feel out” the culture and work environment of each company so you’re able to find the best fit for your personality and career objectives. This "try-before-you-commit" approach is very popular as it eliminates any guesswork and reduces the risk of finding yourself in the wrong company culture or environment. Furthermore, and just as important, the contract term of the opportunity can be financially rewarding. Most contractors find they’re paid a higher rate than their full-time counterparts. In some circumstances, consultants even see time-and-a-half pay for overtime hours.